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Weekly statistics by week of year

Here you find a full login list for period »week« ordered by week of year.


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Logins of recent 64 weeks, ordered by week of year
time of
max online
total rate max total rate max total rate
Week 1
2020w013712020-01-04 23:1422552m 42s4324089914.8110474205.8310478554
Week 2
2020w023642020-01-11 21:1718252m 15s352797851977434.568764155.5010272489
Week 3
2020w034002020-01-18 19:1518253m 16s34642 113 k79484.369366545.219973474
Week 4
2020w043802020-01-25 20:0218851m 00s37271 150 k81584.579768055.489773510
Week 5
2020w053692020-02-01 16:2417851m 23s35144 186 k79374.4312466505.2812472488
Week 6
2020w063802020-02-08 22:0818152m 39s34812 220 k79494.3815166345.2516970497
Week 7
2020w073992020-02-15 21:5319152m 08s37052 257 k85054.3611271315.2016675494
Week 8
2020w084142020-02-22 20:1121551m 42s42033 299 k92814.5317277435.4317270600
Week 9
2020w094482020-02-29 21:0521651m 18s42571 342 k93054.5816877395.5016875567
Week 10
2020w104442020-03-07 21:1822651m 52s44068 386 k95834.6019278805.5925775587
Week 11
2020w114912020-03-14 20:4424050m 08s48413 435 k101714.7616483595.7922288550
2019w114312019-03-16 20:5517247m 06s3792980664.7017564415.8918578486
Week 12
2020w126592020-03-22 17:4132151m 32s63018 498 k120725.2219098366.4119384750
2019w123892019-03-23 21:0016448m 50s353987332776554.6212162675.6516676465
Week 13
2020w136512020-03-28 21:4236247m 58s76309 574 k145295.25174118036.4725892829
2019w134392019-03-30 17:3216447m 20s36663 110 k77964.7012564205.7113779464
Week 14
2020w146862020-04-04 20:1937948m 48s78459 652 k151765.17215122496.4123691862
2019w143572019-04-06 21:1716746m 35s36400 146 k78194.6621965025.6021975485
Week 15
2020w157542020-04-11 19:4942249m 43s85928 738 k166045.18185132836.47189101850
2019w153722019-04-13 20:2516446m 29s35755 182 k76794.6614364125.5815767533
Week 16
2020w167242020-04-18 20:0643948m 20s91745 830 k176185.21414140686.52414108849
2019w163652019-04-20 21:2317446m 25s37938 220 k82284.6110068065.5710069549
Week 17
2020w176792020-04-26 17:1243547m 46s92103 922 k171975.36355138276.66355105877
2019w173572019-04-27 20:3816747m 20s35697 256 k77644.6010364775.5110373489
Week 18
2020w186242020-05-03 02:0244848m 55s92579 1015 k176655.24181141166.5618299935
2019w183502019-05-04 21:0516147m 08s34641 290 k75754.5712763265.4813279438
Week 19
2020w197032020-05-09 20:1445149m 40s91752 1106 k175335.23157140126.5522696955
2019w193922019-05-11 20:1515046m 32s32714 323 k71614.5717759935.4617769474
Week 20
2020w206752020-05-16 16:3042349m 32s86350 1193 k173034.99193139396.19389102846
2019w203902019-05-18 18:5514846m 32s32319 355 k75524.2816063405.1016081399
Week 21
2020w216502020-05-23 16:1443349m 34s88168 1281 k179654.91175143576.14214115766
2019w214122019-05-25 19:1517348m 30s36094 392 k80604.4814367545.3414575481
Week 22
2020w225922020-05-25 20:1040846m 40s30126 1311 k96103.139981483.709972418
2019w224202019-06-01 17:4019650m 34s39274 431 k86824.5212372475.4212380490
Week 23
2019w233812019-06-08 18:1317848m 08s37379 468 k83744.4614369695.3615374505
Week 24
2019w243852019-06-15 20:5518848m 58s38927 507 k85594.5515271485.4515372540
Week 25
2019w253952019-06-19 19:1620549m 43s41792 549 k90054.6416274905.5821677542
Week 26
2019w263642019-06-26 21:1719647m 36s41647 591 k87534.7614773065.7014675555
Week 27
2019w273682019-07-06 18:2720147m 53s42492 633 k91484.6413475675.6223081524
Week 28
2019w283422019-07-13 20:2521445m 55s47179 680 k103184.5719885215.5417693507
Week 29
2019w293892019-07-19 20:3624547m 49s51777 732 k106774.858588395.8614383623
Week 30
2019w304392019-07-27 17:0724447m 31s51979 784 k104884.9612586556.0112582633
Week 31
2019w313882019-08-03 17:5024148m 50s49817 834 k101684.9010084275.9110088566
Week 32
2019w323662019-08-11 20:4623548m 28s49099 883 k101504.848683415.898878629
Week 33
2019w334072019-08-12 21:0423948m 34s49758 933 k101174.9215082546.0315385585
Week 34
2019w343492019-08-20 19:3621547m 22s45905 979 k95634.8020978885.8221178588
Week 35
2019w353542019-09-01 19:0320747m 53s43637 1022 k94564.6118278625.5518578559
Week 36
2019w363602019-09-07 20:1718447m 23s39321 1062 k87804.4818474185.3019274531
Week 37
2019w373492019-09-14 19:4316647m 30s35394 1097 k80024.4215666945.2915675471
Week 38
2019w383822019-09-21 20:2316248m 26s33842 1131 k78014.3413866605.0813876445
Week 39
2019w393592019-09-28 20:1815048m 54s31241 1162 k77234.0517865764.7517875416
Week 40
2019w403462019-10-05 20:1116048m 26s33339 1195 k80454.1413368534.8613472463
Week 41
2019w414022019-10-12 19:4116846m 58s36192 1232 k85004.2615772445.0015776476
Week 42
2019w424022019-10-19 20:4317549m 21s35812 1267 k86414.149673724.8610174483
Week 43
2019w434662019-10-26 20:1418447m 53s38852 1306 k90224.3113575985.1116474525
Week 44
2019w444472019-11-02 22:0518549m 27s37912 1344 k86694.3711872855.2011875505
Week 45
2019w453992019-11-09 21:1918651m 19s36735 1381 k83324.418570445.229680459
Week 46
2019w463282019-11-16 20:5615248m 09s31999 1413 k77124.159565564.889579405
Week 47
2019w473892019-11-18 20:5816149m 49s32708 1446 k77314.2310165085.0316271460
Week 48
2019w483612019-12-01 01:5119750m 42s39434 1485 k84714.6627771685.5027974532
Week 49
2019w493392019-12-08 21:0717349m 28s35489 1520 k77234.6012165215.4418072492
Week 50
2019w503302019-12-14 21:5917551m 06s34721 1555 k76434.5414564745.3614568510
Week 51
2019w513532019-12-22 22:0418351m 26s36148 1591 k80034.527167015.3912676475
Week 52
2019w523922019-12-28 18:1721152m 48s40436 1632 k84124.819969875.799976532
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