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Login statistics by hour of game »Phantasy Star Zero«

Here you find a full login list for period »hour« of game »Phantasy Star Zero«.


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Logins of recent 239 hours
time of
max online
logins distinct
total% total rate total rate
20 hours without logins
17. 15:xx33m 26s10.32%11.0011.00
30 hours without logins
16. 08:xx39m 24s10.62%11.0011.00
3 hours without logins
16. 04:xx53m 29s10.38%11.0011.00
16. 03:xx26m 05s10.33%11.0011.00
16. 02:xx10m 25s10.30%11.0011.00
16. 01:xx12m 57s10.32%11.0011.00
1 hour without logins
15. 23:xx33m 59s10.31%11.0011.00
5 hours without logins
15. 17:xx16m 27s10.33%11.0011.00
10 hours without logins
15. 06:xx43m 32s10.51%11.0011.00
15. 05:xx29m 42s10.46%11.0011.00
3 hours without logins
15. 01:xx22020-02-15 01:0439m 42s20.60%21.0021.00
15. 00:xx 9m 00s10.29%11.0011.00
14. 23:xx12020-02-14 23:2223m 39s10.30%11.0011.00
14. 22:xx22020-02-14 22:4349m 58s30.90%21.5021.50
6 hours without logins
14. 15:xx11m 35s10.38%11.0011.00
14. 14:xx 2m 36s10.41%11.0011.00
27 hours without logins
13. 10:xx22020-02-13 10:17 1h 45m44.65%22.0022.00
11 hours without logins
12. 22:xx22020-02-12 22:1535m 56s31.15%31.0031.00
7 hours without logins
12. 14:xx17m 15s10.52%11.0011.00
12. 13:xx22020-02-12 13:1022m 08s21.07%12.0012.00
12. 12:xx12020-02-12 12:2446m 36s21.16%21.0021.00
2 hours without logins
12. 09:xx22020-02-12 09:03 7m 49s22.22%12.0012.00
12. 08:xx22020-02-12 08:5415m 55s32.80%21.5021.50
12 hours without logins
11. 19:xx 2h 11m10.45%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
11. 16:xx12020-02-11 16:30 2m 13s10.56%11.0011.00
11. 15:xx20m 55s10.56%11.0011.00
1 hour without logins
11. 13:xx22020-02-11 13:4427m 04s42.27%31.3331.33
18 hours without logins
10. 18:xx 1h 18m10.49%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
10. 15:xx 2h 25m10.47%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
10. 12:xx12020-02-10 12:3614m 24s31.59%31.0031.00
2 hours without logins
10. 09:xx22020-02-10 09:4932m 43s32.86%21.5021.50
13 hours without logins
09. 19:xx24m 58s10.27%11.0011.00
3 hours without logins
09. 15:xx22020-02-09 15:1553m 40s10.28%11.0011.00
09. 14:xx26m 15s10.33%11.0011.00
09. 13:xx12020-02-09 13:13 4m 43s30.93%21.5021.50
09. 12:xx12020-02-09 12:12 2m 57s10.33%11.0011.00
09. 11:xx 1h 16m10.39%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
09. 08:xx 4m 00s10.59%11.0011.00
09. 07:xx 3m 04s10.68%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
09. 04:xx 1h 00m10.39%11.0011.00
2 hours without logins
09. 01:xx25m 25s10.30%11.0011.00
1 hour without logins
08. 23:xx59m 38s10.32%11.0011.00
5 hours without logins
08. 17:xx29m 19s10.27%11.0011.00
1 hour without logins
08. 15:xx22020-02-08 15:06 5m 06s10.26%11.0011.00
08. 14:xx22020-02-08 14:02 3m 15s123.01%34.0034.00
08. 13:xx32020-02-08 13:5911m 31s30.88%21.5021.50
Top hours of »Phantasy Star Zero«