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Login statistics by week of game »Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver«

Here you find a full login list for period »week« of game »Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver«.


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Logins of recent 24 weeks
time of
max online
logins distinct
total% total rate total rate
2019w3442019-08-20 08:310.191 8m 29s1970.49%862.29892.21
2019w3342019-08-16 04:480.28311m 36s2460.49%1042.371042.37
2019w3262019-08-11 16:430.279 8m 24s3340.68%1262.651252.67
2019w3182019-07-30 03:100.342 9m 12s3750.75%1312.861402.68
2019w3062019-07-26 15:560.406 8m 58s4580.88%1443.181423.23
2019w2952019-07-15 01:490.41512m 23s3380.65%1352.501402.41
2019w2852019-07-09 19:390.31910m 09s3170.67%1442.201522.09
2019w2742019-07-04 05:260.292 9m 41s3040.72%1232.471292.36
2019w2662019-06-26 19:260.263 8m 01s3310.79%1352.451282.59
2019w2542019-06-17 02:530.310 9m 38s3240.78%1262.571222.66
2019w2452019-06-10 23:070.322 9m 35s3380.87%1212.791302.60
2019w2362019-06-08 03:360.30210m 03s3030.81%1302.331292.35
2019w2272019-05-30 16:090.324 8m 09s4001.02%1442.781532.61
2019w2172019-05-25 22:590.299 9m 47s3080.85%1152.681182.61
2019w2052019-05-13 12:380.288 8m 45s3311.02%1322.511322.51
2019w1952019-05-12 09:150.284 8m 47s3271.00%1192.751212.70
2019w1852019-05-01 11:010.266 8m 41s3080.89%1082.851132.73
2019w1752019-04-28 08:360.274 9m 18s2970.83%1162.561122.65
2019w1642019-04-16 10:020.23310m 27s2250.59%1122.011161.94
2019w1562019-04-13 02:000.30510m 50s2840.79%1222.331262.25
2019w1442019-04-01 21:350.241 9m 59s2430.67%1142.131132.15
2019w1372019-03-30 02:310.32610m 16s3590.98%1392.581422.53
2019w1262019-03-22 18:120.259 9m 23s2990.84%1172.561132.65
2019w1142019-03-17 16:590.246 9m 51s2660.70%992.69873.06
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