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Login statistics by hour of game »Call of Duty: Black Ops«

Here you find a full login list for period »hour« of game »Call of Duty: Black Ops«.


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Logins of recent 240 hours
time of
max online
logins distinct
total% total rate total rate
28 hours without logins
24. 08:xx12019-06-24 08:5323m 40s10.96%11.0011.00
6 hours without logins
24. 01:xx22019-06-24 01:0828m 20s41.43%31.3331.33
16 hours without logins
23. 08:xx12019-06-23 08:1914m 34s10.53%11.0011.00
10 hours without logins
22. 21:xx12019-06-22 21:0823m 03s10.29%11.0011.00
22. 20:xx12019-06-22 20:0724m 20s10.26%11.0011.00
13 hours without logins
22. 06:xx32019-06-22 06:0112m 26s31.90%13.0013.00
22. 05:xx32019-06-22 05:3224m 38s63.16%32.0032.00
10 hours without logins
21. 18:xx12019-06-21 18:0123m 20s10.24%11.0011.00
10 hours without logins
21. 07:xx22019-06-21 07:0329m 52s33.66%21.5021.50
21. 06:xx22019-06-21 06:0023m 22s43.64%31.3331.33
21. 05:xx22019-06-21 05:1113m 58s64.51%23.0023.00
21. 04:xx22019-06-21 04:0218m 17s63.87%23.0023.00
21. 03:xx12019-06-21 03:4915m 28s10.49%11.0011.00
20 hours without logins
20. 06:xx22019-06-20 06:0622m 50s10.94%11.0011.00
20. 05:xx22019-06-20 05:0718m 59s43.08%22.0022.00
20. 04:xx42019-06-20 04:1410m 36s107.09%52.0033.33
20. 03:xx22019-06-20 03:5418m 38s41.86%22.0022.00
4 hours without logins
19. 22:xx32019-06-19 22:3524m 09s41.27%31.3331.33
19. 21:xx12019-06-19 21:31 5m 18s10.27%11.0011.00
1 hour without logins
19. 19:xx22019-06-19 19:4527m 12s30.67%21.5021.50
8 hours without logins
19. 10:xx12019-06-19 10:27 2m 37s10.89%11.0011.00
9 hours without logins
19. 00:xx22019-06-19 00:3720m 55s51.81%22.5022.50
18. 23:xx12019-06-18 23:5715m 04s10.40%11.0011.00
18. 22:xx12019-06-18 22:3022m 59s10.35%11.0011.00
18. 21:xx22019-06-18 21:3627m 44s31.05%31.0031.00
18. 20:xx42019-06-18 20:2225m 30s51.20%51.0022.50
18. 19:xx22019-06-18 19:5341m 08s30.74%21.5021.50
10 hours without logins
18. 08:xx22019-06-18 08:4426m 26s11.15%11.0011.00
18. 07:xx42019-06-18 07:2042m 01s55.15%31.6731.67
18. 06:xx22019-06-18 06:4321m 41s44.35%31.3331.33
18. 05:xx42019-06-18 05:2218m 00s32.70%21.5021.50
18. 04:xx32019-06-18 04:3733m 26s63.35%32.0041.50
18. 03:xx22019-06-18 03:0416m 04s21.08%21.0021.00
3 hours without logins
17. 23:xx32019-06-17 23:4117m 02s62.26%32.0032.00
1 hour without logins
17. 21:xx22019-06-17 21:5854m 58s20.58%21.0021.00
16 hours without logins
17. 04:xx32019-06-17 04:1454m 08s31.82%31.0031.00
17. 03:xx42019-06-17 03:0527m 17s20.92%21.0021.00
17. 02:xx52019-06-17 02:3814m 49s72.93%32.3332.33
17. 01:xx22019-06-17 01:55 1h 07m20.65%21.0021.00
17. 00:xx32019-06-17 00:3820m 25s10.34%11.0011.00
16. 23:xx32019-06-16 23:5547m 12s41.43%31.3331.33
16. 22:xx12019-06-16 22:5813m 25s10.35%11.0011.00
13 hours without logins
16. 08:xx12019-06-16 08:32 9m 25s10.68%11.0011.00
5 hours without logins
16. 02:xx22019-06-16 02:4120m 24s41.43%31.3331.33
3 hours without logins
15. 22:xx 2m 35s10.36%11.0011.00
8 hours without logins
15. 13:xx12019-06-15 13:57 6m 41s10.29%11.0011.00
Top hours of »Call of Duty: Black Ops«