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Login statistics by week of game »Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!«

Here you find a full login list for period »week« of game »Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!«.


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Logins of recent 38 weeks
time of
max online
logins distinct
total% total rate total rate
1 week without logins
2019w490.00222m 48s10.00%11.0011.00
2019w480.001 3m 17s30.01%13.0013.00
2 weeks without logins
2019w450.000 3m 51s10.00%11.0011.00
1 week without logins
2019w4312019-10-27 15:220.00439m 58s10.00%11.0011.00
2019w4212019-10-19 21:170.000 2m 42s10.00%11.0011.00
1 week without logins
2019w4012019-10-03 11:130.00222m 47s10.00%11.0011.00
1 week without logins
2019w3812019-09-21 06:140.00224m 09s10.00%11.0011.00
2 weeks without logins
2019w3512019-08-27 06:580.000 2m 21s10.00%11.0011.00
1 week without logins
2019w3312019-08-16 16:050.002 8m 34s20.00%12.0012.00
2019w3212019-08-07 21:230.001 4m 42s20.00%21.0021.00
2019w3112019-07-31 17:380.001 5m 21s20.00%21.0021.00
2019w3012019-07-23 17:050.00412m 22s30.01%21.5031.00
2019w2912019-07-21 02:280.001 7m 22s10.00%11.0011.00
2019w2812019-07-09 15:130.00110m 57s10.00%11.0011.00
2019w2712019-07-02 13:460.001 3m 48s20.00%21.0021.00
2019w2612019-06-30 13:060.00222m 54s10.00%11.0011.00
2019w2512019-06-21 08:310.001 6m 08s20.00%12.0021.00
2 weeks without logins
2019w2212019-05-27 10:350.00212m 18s20.01%21.0021.00
2019w2112019-05-20 01:060.000 2m 41s10.00%11.0011.00
3 weeks without logins
2019w1712019-04-24 23:390.00111m 32s10.00%11.0011.00
1 week without logins
2019w1512019-04-10 15:140.00313m 04s20.01%21.0021.00
2019w1412019-04-03 05:390.00212m 29s20.01%21.0021.00
2019w1312019-03-25 15:380.000 2m 29s20.01%12.0012.00
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