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List of productive games
ID Game Status Profiles Online Total
RUUJ Animal Crossing WiiFull support 9085  2 147 k
WDMJ Dr. MarioFull support 753  1 2877 
RMCJ Mario Kart WiiFull support 285 k239 8491 k
IRAJ Pokémon Black*/White*Working except online statistics
Game Sync, Rating Battles and Competitions do not work, due to pkmn-classic not (yet) supporting them. Random Matchups currently fail.
108 k10 4687 k
ADAJ Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilverWorking except online statistics
Trainer Rankings don't work — out of scope of Wiimmfi.
13992  149846 
S3IE Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (NTSC)Full support 1485  242159 
RSBJ Super Smash Bros. BrawlFull support
Use RiiConnect24 DNS for spectator mode and submissions.
63474  5 1228 k
SC2E The Conduit 2 (USA)Full support 1729  2 5169 
Total: 483 k26214652 k