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List of productive games
ID Game Status Profiles Online Total
RUUJ Animal Crossing WiiFull support 10441  2 165 k
RX3E ExciteBots: Trick RacingFull support 450  1 2602 
AMCJ Mario Kart DSFull support 18479  2 133 k
RMCJ Mario Kart WiiFull support 322 k183 9639 k
R4QP Mario Strikers Charged Football (PAL)Full support 5365  110006 
IRAJ Pokémon Black*/White*Working except online statistics
Game Sync, Rating Battles and Competitions do not work, due to pkmn-classic not (yet) supporting them. Random Matchups currently fail.
200 k20 8482 k
ADAJ Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilverWorking except online statistics
Trainer Rankings don't work — out of scope of Wiimmfi.
23010  279513 
RSBJ Super Smash Bros. BrawlFull support
Use RiiConnect24 DNS for spectator mode and submissions.
69984  11 1284 k
List of test games (tell, if it works!)
ID Game Status Profiles Online Total
CALE Call of Duty: World at War (DS) (USA)Testing 35  1 76 
Total: 650 k223+219796 k