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Statistics of productive games
ID Game Status Profiles Online Logins in the last ...
30m 4h 24h 7d total
RUUJ Animal Crossing WiiFull support 291224207445053751
RB6J Bomberman BlastWorking except online statistics 36914815472521
RMCJ Mario Kart WiiFull support 11661024617614615691268173526993
S3IE Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (NTSC)Full support 76335197443823943
S3IP Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PAL)Full support 45512515547531
RSBJ Super Smash Bros. BrawlWorking with some issues
Spectator mode fails.
STKJ Tatsunoko VS. Capcom: Ultimate All StarsPartially working
Free battle supported, friend/rival rooms and statistics don't work.
Total: 15811126720816186271302314492108