Priiloader Wiimmfi Patch Hack


The Priiloader is a software created by DacoTaco, based on Preloader by crediar. It is a homebrew application that can be installed on a Wii to prevent bricks, and to add various patches to the System Menu. It can also patch the System Menu to make it automatically apply a Wiimmfi patch to all games started through the disk channel.

Note that the Priiloader requires Homebrew.

Download and setup

The newest version of the Priiloader can be downloaded from DacoTaco's Github repository.

Extract the ZIP archive to your SD card, and add the hacks_hash.ini file to the priiloader folder. Then start the Priiloader installer from the Homebrew Channel..

Once that's done, open the Priiloader by holding the RESET button while booting your Wii, then go to "System Menu Hacks", then enable the "Wiimmfi Patch" hack.

Then save the settings and open the System Menu. From now on you can just start games normally, through the Disk Channel, and they will automatically be Wiimmfi-patched.

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