Wiimmfi ISO Patcher


The Wiimmfi ISO Patcher can be used to patch existing game image files for Wiimmfi. To do that, all you need to do is download and run it, and all game images that are present in the same folder (and are in a supported format) will automatically be patched for Wiimmfi.

Supported image formats

All image formats supported by Wiimms ISO Tools can be used as source image. These are currently ISO, WDF, WIA, CISO (=WBI), WBFS, GCZ and FST (details).

Note: NKIT images are not supported → More information.

The patched images will be stored in the "wiimmfi-images" subdirectory (with their original name and file format).

Download and patching

The newest version of the Wiimmfi ISO Patcher (for all games) can be downloaded here:

Download the patcher and extract the ZIP file to your computer, then open the extracted folder and copy your Wii game images into it.

If you're on Linux, double-click on the patch-images.desktop file (this may also be displayed as "Patch Images") or execute the ./patch-images.sh file in a Terminal after making it executable (chmod +x *.sh).

If you're on Windows, double-click on the patch-images.bat file (this may also be displayed as "patch-images" Batch File). If you run into Cygwin-related issues, try the patch-images-32.bat file instead.

If you're on MacOS, open a command line prompt in the current folder, make the shell script executable (chmod +x *.sh) and then run it (./patch-images.sh).

Once you did that, a window will show up that displays the patching progress. Wait until that is done, then you'll find the Wiimmfi-patched images in a new folder called "wiimmfi-images".

Helper Tools

The folder "tools" in the downloaded archive contains a couple scripts that might be useful:

Though, you usually don't need any of these scripts if you just want to patch your games for Wiimmfi.

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