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Patcher information

In the past, all Wiimmfi patchers required the user to either install Homebrew on their Wii (Auto Wiimmfi Patcher, ISO patcher, ...) or run the patcher every time before starting a game (FlashHax Internet Channel exploit, str2hax EULA exploit, ...). Also, using Wiimmfi on a WiiU was somewhat difficult, as the easy, no-homebrew methods don't work on WiiU.

For Mario Kart Wii, SSBB and a couple other Wii games, we are now releasing a new patcher that is even easier than the EULA or the Internet Channel exploit, and it does work on both Wii and WiiU. We've had the idea for this patcher in May 2020, started worked on this in June 2020, and now it is finally ready for the public.

You can find a list of compatible games in this forum post. If you're receiving errors 20100 or 20110, your game isn't compatible with the new patchers.

How to set up this patcher?

Setting up this new patcher is pretty easy - go into your Wii or WiiU internet settings, and set the DNS server to (watch out, this is one digit different from the usual Wiimmfi DNS), and then ... you are done.

Yes, it's that easy.

All that needs to be done to use this patcher is to set that DNS. Then, just start your game over the disc channel and go online. If you get error 20110, your game might not be compatible.

If you're using Mario Kart Wii, there will be a short introduction message the first time you'll go online. That message tells you about Wiimmfi and asks you if you do want to connect to Wiimmfi, then for future connections, you won't see anything unusual other than a short loading screen after you connected to Wiimmfi.
Games other than Mario Kart Wii won't display anything special at all.

Note: This method will not work on Dolphin. For Dolphin you still need a NAND backup and a patched game image.

If you want to see detailed setup instructions (or you want to know how the patcher looks like when it runs), you can watch the following YouTube video:


This exploit is a fairly new method to connect to Wiimmfi, so there might still be some issues.


Help, my router is blocking custom DNS!

If you receive error 23400 while you are trying to connect to Wiimmfi using this DNS server, or if you see the standard Nintendo License Agreement while trying to run a Wiimmfi patcher, your router is probably blocking custom DNS entries. The best solution to that would be to reconfigure your router to no longer do that, but if that isn't possible, there is another solution as well.

Leseratte has created a small tool, the "Automatic Wiimmfi DNS Server" that you can run on your own computer and use that as DNS server on your Wii or WiiU, which gets around any blocks in your router or by your ISP.

Download Wiimmfi DNS v0.3: Linux (DEB / RPM / TGZ), Windows, MacOS
(For 32-bit Linux versions or versions for older distributions (older libc6 / glibc) check here).

Download the program, extract it somewhere, and start it. The program should display the local IP address of your computer ("set the first DNS IP to X.X.X.X").

Go into the Wii or WiiU network settings, and change the DNS server from to the IP that your computer displays.

This makes this automatic DNS patcher work, and it also makes the old str2hax EULA patcher for other games work (if you are using a Wii). However, you will need to remember to always run this tool to be able to use the internet connection on your console - if the tool isn't running, your console won't be able to connect to the internet at all.

How does this work?

When you try to connect to the Nintendo WFC using this DNS server, the DNS redirects your login request to Wiimmfi instead. Wiimmfi then uses a specially crafted SSL certificate which some games consider valid due to an IOS bug, and then lets you go online.

After you are online, Wiimmfi is using a different bug in Mario Kart Wii in order to send and execute the rest of the Mario-Kart-specific Wiimmfi patches to your game, which is what happens during the loading screen when you are online.

If you happen to be operating your own DNS server in your network and want to auto-patch all consoles in your network (for example for a LAN party), you just need to make sure that all DNS queries for subdomains of nintendowifi.net are forwarded to the new Wiimmfi name server at (do not make them all resolve to this IP, forward the queries to this IP). How you can do that depends on your name server.

For example, if you use dnsmasq, it'd be this config entry:

In case you are using the BIND DNS server, you could configure it like this:
zone "nintendowifi.net." {
  type forward;
  forward only;
  forwarders {; };
If you are using another DNS server, just use Google or its documentation to figure out how to set a certain upstream DNS server for a specific domain.
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