Wiimmfi Patcher


Connecting to Wiimmfi requires a Wiimmfi patcher to redirect the game's connection requests to Wiimmfi instead of the defunct Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Below you'll find a list of all existing Wiimmfi patchers. The links lead to subpages that will explain these particular patchers in detail.

All Wiimmfi Patchers can be downloaded from the download page.

Patcher variants

Auto Wiimmfi Patcher
For real game discs booted through the HBC.
Wiimmfi ISO Patcher
For game images booted through USB Loaders or Dolphin.
Wiimmfi patch through a custom DNS
Very easy setup without homebrew, but only for MKWii, SSBB and a couple other games.
USB Loaders
For USB Loader users.
Brainslug Module
For developers.
FlashHax exploit
Wii only: Loads a Wiimmfi Patcher through the Internet Channel.
str2hax EULA exploit
Wii only: Loads a Wiimmfi Patcher through the License Agreement screen.
Auto WiiWare Patcher
For WiiWare WAD files.
Priiloader Hack
Wii only: Hacks configuration for Priiloader to patch games in the Disk Channel.


Using Wiimmfi on the Dolphin Emulator
How to setup Dolphin to use Wiimmfi.