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Update of Mario Kart Wii required!

All Mario Kart Wii users have to update the game image!
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The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (WFC) service was an online gaming service that provided free online play in various Nintendo DS and Wii games. Nintendo discontinued the service on May 20th, 2014, primarily because the host of the service, GameSpy, was shutting down its servers. Nintendo WFC was required for online play, but the Wiimmfi Project has replicated much of its functionality and allows for continued online play in Mario Kart Wii and other games.

Wiimmfi is available for the public since May 10th, 2014 (10 days before WFC shutdown). It started with Mario Kart Wii and supports now more than 100 games. Read »Development of Wiimmfi« for details.

To use Wiimmfi, the games must be patched to use the new domains and also to change some other settings. See »Wiimmfi Patcher« for more details.


This part is used for announcements. Remember that Wiimmfi is a free service, so please be patient if I stop the servers temporarily to fix bugs or to update the system.


Sunday, November 11th 2018

We will be performing some maintenance work on Wiimmfi today, so you will be kicked from the server at 16:00 UTC, and you won't be able to login from 15:45 UTC onward.

August 2017

Management of MKW custom regions
The management and distribution of Custom Track Regions changed in August 2017. Read »Applying regions« for details.

Log of last updates

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Custom Regions:
Until August 2017, users reservered custom regions by the Custom Track Wiiki. Until today, these regions were reserved at Wiimmfi too and Wiiki users had an chance for re-applying then regions. Now most of these regions are free for anyone.

August 2017

Management of MKW custom regions:
The management and distribution of Custom Track Regions changed in August 2017. Read »Applying regions« for details.
To all region owners:
You have to apply your regions at the Wiimmfi portal in 2017 again. Otherwise the regions are returned to the pool of the free regions in the beginning of 2018.

Monday, July 31th, 2017

Import of old profiles:
The import of old profiles is no longer supported. From now on, you have to clear the profile credentials instead. Read »Error 60000« for details.
AltWFC profiles banned:
Profiles created by AltWFC and other hacked profile ids are banned. The login error code is 23919.
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